Employment Verification

The Department of Education provides employment verification upon request by employees and third-parties with a legitimate interest in an employee’s employment history (for example, mortgage companies, prospective landlords, and agencies extending social benefits). This information may be used to:

  • Obtain financial credit (e.g., car loan or mortgage)
  • Qualify for a lease (e.g., apartment or car)
  • Prove eligibility for social benefits (e.g., subsidized housing or child care)
  • Demonstrate teaching experience to another school district
  • Verify service history and past pension contributions for retirement systems
  • Determine proportion of employee’s pay that should be garnished in order to satisfy debt

What Information is Provided?

Employment verification includes information such as – but not limited to – job title, date of hire, and current salary. It does not include information concerning personal attributes such as an employee’s character. However, some performance information, such as annual ratings for certain populations, may be released.

Step 1: Select the Type of Employment Verification You Need

Step 2: Complete an Employment Verification Request Form

You must use this form to submit your request for employment verification, whether you are submitting on your own behalf or as a third party. The DOE does not complete third-party forms.

Important tips:

  • Required fields: You must complete all fields denoted by an asterisk (*). Third-party submitters unsure of an employee’s title should contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000. You will be required to provide the employee’s Social Security number in order to obtain this information.
  • Employee ID or file number: Only teachers and other school-based professionals (for example, school guidance counselors, school payroll secretaries, or principals) have a file number. However, all DOE employees have an ID number. The ID number is listed as the “Reference Number” on your DOE pay stub.

You can also obtain your file number or employee reference number by calling HR Connect at (718) 935-4000. You will be required to provide your Social Security number in order to obtain this information.

  • Employee authorization: The employee must authorize this request, either by signing the form in Section 4, or by submitting it directly from his or her DOE email address. Your request will be returned unfulfilled if employee authorization is not provided.
  • Employment Verification Request Form

Step 3: Submit the Completed Form

Use the table below to determine where to submit your request and how long it will take for the request to be fulfilled.

It is the responsibility of the party making the request to correctly identify the DOE unit to which the request should be submitted.

If you require verification for an employee who may have worked for the DOE under multiple titles (for example, as a Teacher and as an Administrative employee), separate forms will need to be submitted for each title.

Special note concerning per session work

Some employees may work on an hourly per session basis either as their primary position (for example, an adult education teacher working in the evenings) or in addition to their primary position (for example, a teacher who also works per session as an after-school coach).

All employees who do per session work should refer to the instructions for per session staff, even if your primary position is in another title.

Employee Population to Corresponding Titles

  • Instructional/School-based Staff
    • Teachers
    • Guidance Counselors
    • School Social Workers
    • School Psychologists
    • School Payroll Secretaries
    • Laboratory Specialists
    • Regularly Appointed Substitute Teachers
  • Educational Leadership Staff
    • Principals
    • Assistant Principals
    • CFN-based Education Administrators
  • Per Diem (Substitute) Pedagogic Staff
    • Occasional Day-to-Day Substitutes (O-Status)
    • Long Term Day-to-Day Substitutes (Z-Status)
    • State Certified Substitutes with Pre-fixed Schedule (F-Status)
  • Hourly Support Staff
    • UFT Educational Paraprofessinoals
    • DC-37 Family Paraprofessionals
    • School Aides
    • Supervising School Aides
    • Educational Facility Officers (i.e., School Guards)
    • Film Inspection Assistants
    • Health Service Aides
  • Administrative Staff/Assigned Pedagogic Staff
    • Parent Coordinators
    • SAPIS Workers
    • Interpreters
    • Nurses and Nurse Supervisors
    • Clerical Aides
    • Accountants
    • Bookkeepers
    • Attorneys
    • Staff Analysts
    • Educational Analysts
    • Computer Associates
    • Computer Technicians
    • Software Developers
    • Education Administrators not staffed at a CFN
    • Pedagogic Managers
    • School Supervisors
    • Teacher-assigned
    • Principal-assigned
    • Assistant Principal-assigned
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Physical Therapists
  • Supervisors of Occupational and Physical Therapists
    • Occupational Therapist Supervisor
    • Physical Therapist Supervisor
  • School Support Services Staff
    • School Food Employees (e.g., School Lunch Helpers)
    • Public School Athletic League Staff (e.g., Sports Coordinators)
    • Pupil Transport Staff
    • School Facilities Staff (e.g., Electricians, Plasterers, Carpenters)
  • Custodial Engineers
    • Custodial Engineers
  • Custodial Helpers (Contractors hired by Custodial Engineers)
    • Custodial Cleaners
    • Handypersons
    • Stationary Engineers
    • Watchpersons
    • Laundry Bath Attendants
    • Custodial Firepersons
    • Coal Passers
  • Per Session Staff (Any UFT or CSA instructional or supervisory employee working outside of normal school hours)
    • Teachers: Adult Basic Education, GED, ESL, Computer Literacy
    • Teacher Leaders
    • Emergency Medical Technicians
    • Computer Repair Persons
    • Band Principal Conductors
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